well renee and brian got home today…n i almost spilt a/b the other nite. lol they were jokin n i was like “HUH? how do you know?” lol but they thout i was jokin too….i hope. haha. oh well, they wouldnt care so oh well. lol but yah…it is now officially 5; days till my b-day…n i will only be turning 15 yes i know…it is extremley gay. ugh. oh well… but yah orientation for school is friday…n that also means year book pictures….oh. my. god. do i hate those lol. i sware its not humanly possible for those things to look good…ever. lol. yah, well ne way, my mom should be getting home within the next hour or so..i might call her before i go to bed i guess. but its scary cus the other nite i had a dream that sum1 i knew died in a plane crash n uhh my mom is on a plane rite now…so i was thinkin a/b that n got kinda scared. i duno. well im gonna go to bed cus im tired. L8er



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